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Daicoma Servicios Tecnológicos

Offers the informatical maintenance services you need. Our highly qualified professional team , will manage your informatical systems on a regular basis, becoming in your own Informatic Department.

USC – User's Support Center

On-demand service for treatment of everyday problems, about office automation software, computer’s performance, impression incidences, Wi-Fi networking, CCTV or malfunction of peripherals. Full user’s support about incidences resolution.

  • Telephone support, with remote and in home support
  • Custom treatment
  • Immediate answer
  • Technological advices
  • Professionalism and efficiency
  • Possibility to select your subscription ( 8h , 12h , 24h )
* Incidences’ flat rate: call us any time you need, we will resolve any doubt or incidence you might have. 

Systems Engineering

This level tries to solve any incidence relating about services and servers,  as well as your company’s informatic networks. You will have a periodical service of reviews and updates of the systems, to guard the security and the perfect function of its infraestructures.

  • Periodical reviews
  • Control and review of the back-up systems
  • Security updates
  • Remote support disregarded
  • Optimization of resources and performance
  • Clouding In-House services

Video surveillance

Structuring of video surveillance systems, as IP and CCTV.

  • Integral assembly of any kind of security surveillance systems based on needs
  • Mantenance and Prevention of the surveillance systems
  • Programmed reviews
  • Reviews of critical zones, lens' adjust and communications


Experts in the installation and maintenance of wireless informatic networks of data and voice, called, WI-FI network. We are experts in installation and maintenance of WI-FI networks, both for companies, branch of the hotel and private.

  • We carry out a study for the dimensioning
  • Certification of wireless computer networks with different technologies
  • Creation of high speed links
  • Operating Hotspots or Free Wifi

Back-up systems

We use image replication technology and we make copies in a secure and geographically separate Datacenter of the main data center.

In case of a loss of data we guarantee that your company can return to work in a matter of hours. Make sure your business does not go down!

  • Private clouding systems with in-house servers
  • Periodic audit of security and systems
  • Management and maintenance of any ERP system
  • Custom programming of applications or maintenance, in PHP and databases
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