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As our own User's Support Center, solution of incidents related to Systems Engineering, structuring of video surveillance systems, extraordinary management of Wi-Fi networks and an excellent back-up service to protect your company from data loss.

Customized Technical Support

We offer an excellent technical support to our customers, always available and active to solve any kind of doubt or incidence in the shortest possible time, giving an unbeatable treatment.

Back-up Systems

We make copies of all data in our independent Datacenter to avoid the loss of any content. We make sure that your business does not go down!

High qualified Staff

Here at Daicoma we have the best qualified professionals in the sector for the management and resolution of incidents and doubts, installations, supervision ... that are in continuous education.

Partners exclusivos

Nuestros partners y socios nos permiten ofrecer los mejores productos del mercado a todos nuestros clientes y es por ello que somos una empresa líder del sector.

quality projects

What sets us apart from the competition is the quality with which we always carry out all our projects. We always make use of the best materials and the best professionals to satisfy our customers. Do not forget to check out our latest jobs!

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What does the technical support entail?

All problems, both software and hardware, will be covered, giving solutions according to your plan contracted service, always as soon as possible.
We have a mobile units to solve your problems without interrupting your production, with service options 24h, 12h and 8h.

What advantages do I have when I am a registered customer?

You will have the best offers in all our services and products, in addition to a personalized treatment, always guaranteeing an unbeatable service.

Can I add my personal devices to those of my company?

At Daicoma we want you to always be able to be at the top of your company and your day to day, so we offer data backup and advice so you can get the most out of your technology equipment.


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